Eurofins Group Nantes needed an automation system for their microbiology laboratory which would automate inoculation of samples on 3M PetriFilms and Petri Dishes. My team has developed the control software, as well as the human machine interfaces (HMI).

We have worked on:

  • Setting up IT Specifications in collaboration with the end user
  • Working out process flow and software components and interactions together with team
  • Development of server software components in Python for PLC and HMI interaction
  • PLC programming of 1 of the robots
    Implementing Dijkstra algorithm for automatic path finding of the robot arms
  • Conceptualizing, developing and implementing a Dijkstra extension with so called “phantom nodes” for more efficient path finding on the application surface of the robot arms
  • Conceptualizing an optimum distribution algorithm of dilution plates for samples and dilution



Linux, Python, PLC, PHP, HMI, Lab Automation